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How to Use a Steam Cleaner to Deep Clean a Carpet

Carpets with large stains, dust, and filth are difficult to hand wash. Hand cleaning does not always remove all of the dirt, particularly mould and vermin from your pets. However, learning how to thoroughly clean a carpet with a steam cleaner might be difficult for novices. This tutorial will walk you through the whole procedure.

In such cases, a steam cleaner comes in handy. Deep cleaning of all filth, mildew, and disinfecting is a call of duty for a steam cleaner.

So, how exactly does a steam cleaner work?

A steam cleaner, unlike a vacuum cleaner, blasts very hot water deep into the grains of your carpet before sucking away any loose debris or dust. This water loosens any material that has become lodged deep inside your carpet. The same water destroys any bugs or bacteria, leaving your carpet perfectly sterile.

Following that, the steam cleaner takes back the water as well as the filth, leaving your carpet clean and disinfected. Some carpets, however, cannot be steam cleaned; consult the manufacturer’s instructions before using a steam cleaner on yours.

How to Deep Clean Carpet with A Steam Cleaner

After preparing the carpet for cleaning, it is time to begin the cleaning procedure.

Fill the water reservoir in your steam cleaner

To begin with, you must fill your steam cleaner‘s water reservoir with water. The instructions should specify which sort of water you should use for cleaning (whether ordinary tap water or distilled water).

When the reservoir is full, you can use some hot water to jump-start the heater.

Pour in your detergent

If you intend to use soap or another detergent, now is the time to do it. Depending on your machine’s configuration, you will have to put it straight into the water tank or into a separate tank if one is provided.

You may also add vinegar to the water in a 50:50 ratio and thoroughly mix it. This might save you money and increase the efficiency of the cleaning job.

This is how you steam clean your carpet.

You may now begin the task with your cleaner but on a carefully planned path. It is best to start cleaning in the farthest corner of your room. This is to prevent you from contaminating the cleaned area by treading on it.

There are several techniques to take on the cleaning procedure depending on your manufacturer’s recommendations, but a normal back-and-forth strategy would work for many of the cleaners.

With this method, you may now travel around the whole room, covering every inch of it.

To make this easier, it is recommended that you overlap your lines of work so that they cover the whole carpet. You may utilize attachments if necessary to ensure that you cover every section of the space with ease.

The technique may require a significant amount of your time, but the end product is well worth it. This means that you must go slowly to provide enough time for the machine to distribute, clean, and suck, leaving behind an exactly excellent piece of art.

Allow the carpet to dry

With this completed, majority of the job is over, and it is now time to let your carpet dry. This is made easier if you open the windows and turn on the ceiling fan to circulate the space, allowing the carpet to dry faster.

Depending on the conditions, you can leave the carpet to dry for six to twelve hours, ideally overnight.

Examine your work

After the timer goes off, you may walk around the room on the dry carpet to see if the job was done successfully. If there are any remaining stains, you can conduct some spot cleaning rather than wait for the next steam cleaning session.


It is best to keep your dogs and youngsters away from the cleaning area so they do not get damaged while you are attempting to get your carpet back in shape.

Make sure no one walks on the carpet during the drying time. It is simpler to notify the home so that no one interferes with the area job you have spent your time on.


Cleaning with steam is a simple technique. It appears to be safe, but you may take some precautions throughout the procedure, such as wearing protective clothing and keeping dogs away.

It is time-intensive, but it delivers amazing results with less labor if you give it some meticulous preparation and care during the procedure, considering that this advice will go a long way in helping you have your carpet cleaned. This is how to thoroughly clean a carpet with a steam cleaner.