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10 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

When your carpet was new, you fell in love with the way it looked. You know that your carpet needs to be cleaned, but it’s not cheap to hire a professional carpet cleaner in san diego. If you choose to clean your own carpets, you can save money. But you may lack some professional expertise and appropriate equipment. Most people who try to clean their own carpets damage them in the process.

Have you ever gotten rid of a stain, only to see it come back the next day? If you say yes, then the stain wasn’t taken care of during the cleaning process.

But it’s not illegal to clean your carpet if you know how to do it. If you want to clean your carpets yourself, you need to make sure you don’t make these common mistakes. If you make these mistakes, they can cost you a lot of money in the long run. During the process, the carpet could get damaged or start to show signs of mold. When it gets to this point, you’ll have to pay not only to replace the carpet but also to get rid of the mold. Here are the 10 most common mistakes people make when cleaning carpets.

1. Scrubbing a carpet stain very hard

If you scrub your carpet too hard, you will damage the fibers. Scrubbing a carpet hard won’t get rid of stains, and it may even push the stain deeper into the carpet. Scrubbing untwists the carpet fibers, which causes them to fray and damage the fibers. Blotting is the best and safest way to do it. Read more here: “How to Do You Clean A Carpet?”

2. Not using the right product to get rid of stains

Just because the stain on your carpet is small doesn’t mean you can use any stain remover to clean it. There is a lot of bad advice out there about how to clean carpet stains with natural products. When you use the solution and it ruins your carpet, you should know that you are on your own. Different kinds of materials are used to make carpet fibers, and each one has its own way of being handled. You can only trust one source to tell you how to clean your carpet without ruining it. You will be surprised by how willing the people who make your carpet are to help you get rid of stains in the best way they can. You don’t have to do much. Just go to their website or call their customer service number.

3. Putting too much shampoo on

No matter how dirty your carpet looks, it will be hard to use shampoo on it because doing it wrong can cause another problem. If you didn’t use enough shampoo, your carpets wouldn’t look or feel clean. If you use too much shampoo on your carpet, you may cause a complicated problem because it will be hard to get the extra shampoo out of the carpet. If you don’t get all of the shampoos out of your carpet, things like:

  • The carpet shrunk and came away from the walls.
  • There are holes or spaces between the floor and the carpet.
  • You see piles of small tears getting closer to the seams.
  • When your carpet starts to shrink, there is no way to stop it. The only choice is to replace the carpet, which is getting smaller. Will that be something you want to happen soon to your carpet?

4. Not moving right away

If you wait too long to get rid of a stain, it will be harder to get rid of. When you let a spill sit on your carpet until it dries, you let the liquid soak deep into the carpet fibers and into the padding. When you try to get rid of the stain, smell, or, in some cases, mold growth, this will cause wicking.

5. Not vacuuming regularly

Most people mess up by not vacuuming their carpets often enough. It’s too long and wrong to wait until you can see enough dirt and debris on your carpet before you vacuum. At least once a week, you should make sure to vacuum. If you have a pet, it’s even better to vacuum every day. Understand that your carpet gets dust, dirt, and spills every day that you can’t see with the naked eye. This is a normal part of wear and tear. Even though you can’t see them, these particles weaken the fibers in your carpet. Most people worry that if you don’t vacuum your carpet for a long time, it will start to look rough and awful. When you vacuum, you remove the dirt, dust, and oils from the carpet along with the carpet fibers. This brings back the beauty and strength of your carpet, which is why you do it in the first place. Read more here: “Should You Vacuum After Carpet Cleaning

6. Not putting a new cleaning product to the test before using it

You should always test a small patch of the new carpet cleaner to see how the chemical will react with your carpet. Find out how strong the solution is and test it on a hidden part of your carpet to make sure the fibers don’t get bleached or damaged.

7. Getting the Carpet Wet

People also make a big mistake when they clean their carpets by getting them wet. When you shampoo or rinse the carpet, you don’t want to get it too wet. If you use too much water on the carpet, you risk getting the padding wet. When the padding and backing get wet, it’s harder to dry the carpet. When the carpet padding and backing are wet, you may also start to smell musty smells or see mold growing. If mold grows in any part of your carpet or its padding, you have to throw out the carpet and clean the area properly to get rid of the mold.

8. Renting carpet cleaning tools that don’t work properly

Even if you rent carpet cleaning equipment with the best of intentions, there are some machines out there that do more damage to the carpet than good. If you don’t take care of your rental cleaning machine properly or if it breaks down often, it could leave too much cleaning solution on your carpets. This could cause mold damage or cause the carpet to get dirty again quickly.

9. Using cheap (and less effective) carpet deodorizers

When you use powder carpet deodorizers over time, gunk can quickly build up in a pile on your carpet fibers. Most of the time, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get rid of all of the powder. When you and your family and friends walk on the carpet, the powder gets deep into the fibers. Over time, it gets harder and harder to get rid of. Using powder deodorizers can also give you a false sense of cleanliness. Some people think that deodorizers are clean because they smell clean. But just because your carpet smells good doesn’t mean it’s clean. The fresh smell of your powdered deodorizer might make you think you don’t need to hire a professional cleaner or even vacuum your carpet, but that’s bad for your carpet.

10. Not bringing in a pro

Even though it’s good for your budget to save money on carpet cleaning, you won’t get more than what you pay for. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning san diego team to clean your carpets, especially if it has been a while since you did it, you can be sure that they will be cleaned well. You can have a professional clean your carpet every three months or every six months.

There are many reasons to hire professionals to clean your carpets:

  • They will use the right tools and cleaners to clean the carpets.
  • Carpet allergens can be cut down by having professional steam clean your carpet.
  • They can treat your carpet so that it won’t get stains.
  • A professional cleaner will be willing to clean areas again if the client is not happy with the first cleaning.


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